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Use a Student Loan Calculator to figure your Student Cost

When you are considering the amount of money it will cost you to attend school; a student loan calculator can be quite handy in determining the amount of money you will need to borrow to cover those costs and whether you will be able to reasonably pay it back after graduation.

There are a number of student loan calculators online that you can use free of charge in order to help you make the best decisions regarding your college funding.

Regardless of where you attend college or which type of aid you apply for, the financial aid office will need to determine your estimated family contribution (EFC).

You can get an idea ahead of time as to the amount your family will be expected to contribute towards your education by using a student loan calculator that is geared to estimate this amount for you.

This is also a great way to determine whether you will be considered eligible to receive financial aid. Keep in mind that the difference between the amounts it will cost to attend the college of your choice and your EFC is your financial need. This is the amount of aid you will be eligible to receive; but be aware that a large portion of that may be made up in loans. 

If you’re wondering how much college will cost; you can also use a student loan calculator to determine that amount. With most such calculators, you will need to enter the following data: 

  • Annual college cost
  • College cost inflation rate
  • Expected years of attendance
  • Expected amount of costs that you plan to cover (from savings-not loans)
  • The number of years until you begin college

Student calculators can also help you to determine the amount of your student loan payments and how that amount correlates with your possible future starting salary.

This is a great way to understand whether the amount of money you have borrowed will be manageable or whether you will have a difficult time meeting your financial obligations.

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